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Thanks for your feedback on our commercials. We want to ensure that all our actors featured in our commercials represent the wide customer base we have across North America. If you have any further comments, please feel free to reach us at
Churchton, Maryland
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I personally would never use Bathfitter due to their commercials. Who the *** produces that ***?

I am so tired of seeing these commercials with the hispanics speaking in this heavy accent. Makes them sound like they have just hopped off the boat. I'm sure they could have found a hispanic that could speak english without that affected Speedy Gonzales accent. What's going to be next?

Perhaps a black dude speaking like uncle tom enjoying a nice slice of watermelon with his fried chicken??? Ugh - I can't take the commercials anymore - my head is going to explode!!!

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what a retard! perhaps something is wrong with your head, maybe you should go check your self!


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