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I was dissatisfied with the service at my local waukesha, wi branch of bathfitters. I asked to speak to mgr, situation was forwarded to the regional manager, Darren Smith, who was in the office at the time of my call. He could not help me with my issue or would not. I then asked for the corporate phone number so I could go up the chain of command. He repeatedly refused to give me the phone number and basically told me all calls would be routed directly back to him and that was that. DUH! If your title is regional manager, you obviously have a superior... I went on line,like anyone else would and got the info I needed to call the corporate office. No, my issue was not resolved, Bathfitters is extremely unhelpful once they have your money, unless you want to give them more.

But, my issue with them is they VERY poor Customer service I received. As a professional in the field I found it very disconcerting that someone would refuse a simple request for corporate information. I obviously wanted to make a complaint, for the simple fact that it makes the entire industry look bad when you run into people/outfits like this...

My advice to Home owners is to really research and get references. Ask for both satisfied and dissatisfied references and then let the evidence stand on its own. If they are truly a good company they will not have an issue.

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