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As a former employee, it was the worst experience of my life. Good luck to new employees.

They change every 3-12 months, whether you're good or not. The only ones who stay are the mokena bunch. This is a horrible company!!!! The product is cheap and not installed properly most of the time.

I have to be honest (not angry). aweful

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I just finished a bathroom job myself .It took 3 days. we replaced tub removed floor sheeting repaired joists installed new toilet vanity faucets and linoleum and painted and added wainscot to the walls the total cost was $5200.00.


I certainly won't regret looking for feedback on this company, from all of the reviews, they sound like they hire inexperienced installers, have a poor quality product, and bad business practices. I think I'll check out Rebath, maybe they'll have better reviews.


I want to thank everyone for their honest opinions. I had a sales rep out last night for an estimate.

I almost fainted when the amount was presented to me. All my questions were evaded. Like If I do some of the work myself, can I save some money? What if I buy my own faucets..."no you have to use ours...Why?

I don't like any of them....$5K for a bathtub liner? Showed me 2007 & 2008 BBB award for no complaints....What about 2009, 2010, and 2006, 2005?

I was shown a folder full of happy customers...But like I said, he did not work WITH me, or even try to be him it is our way only. Sorry, but YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN.


Bath Fitter is a great company to work for and all of the employees who waste their time bashing us need to spend their time by getting a new job. ;)


I was about to call for an estimate. Not now!

to many bad rerports.

I could overlook the former employees, but not the customers.

Where are the satisfied ones?


I am also a former employee and it was probably the worst job I've ever had. I was so miserable I needed therapy.

The company's product sucks and they have no idea how to take care of their employees. About concerns being thoroughly investigated as posted above, that is complete nonsense.

I wrote a letter to head office to explain the injustices and they never bothered to respond or even get in touch with me. I would caution anyone from buying their product or from working for this extremely unethical company.


This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company, what I got compared to what the salesman promised was two completly different things, the product looked nice at the begining but soon the poor quality of the materials and the install started to show...This one day bath remodeling is a scam.. BUYER BEWARE


No *** you are going to get treated badly, the whole company is ran by a bunch of toothless tobaco chewing inbreads with no education, I know! I use to work there.


Bath Fitter tends to be a bit of a labor mill. We went through about 7 or 8 Customer Service Reps/schedulers at our branch in about 12 months.

Maybe 5-6 installers in the same period. This branch only has roughly 15 people in it.

Managers don't tend to last long either. Bath Fitter's attitude is, if you don't like the way things work here, we'll find someone else.


Bath Fitter wishes to make it clear to all readers that our Company is committed to quality in our products and services, and in our employees and their performance. Any employee with a grievance is invited to speak with either a Manager or Regional Manager. Their concerns will be thoroughly investigated.


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