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Thanks for sharing this experience. Mold is a serious issue, and our installers are trained to make the best decisions possible when it comes to this serious hazard. We're sorry to hear that you dealt with the mold spreading. Were you able to contact the franchise you worked with to assess the damage? Please let us know if there are any updates on this situation, and if you need assistance, please reach us at

The bathfitter way is to hide the mold that is growing in your bathroom.When i asked about this topic they said it would stop growing because when they cover it up no air or light would be present so the mold would stop growing.I found out the hard way that they were lying to me.when I replaced the exterior siding outside the shower. I found out the truth.

The mold grew all over the studs,drywall subfloor and siding. I am getting sick to my stomach right now just thinking about the loser salesman that suckered me into this deal.I think i am going to sew them instead of dealing with the warranty!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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My tub was covered by bathfitter and now there is mold between the liner and bathtub,the liner was not installed properly,this is a common problem so I have been told what a waste of money it was to use bathfitter.


mold behind walls can only be removed by removing sheetrocked and gutting bathroom. no such promises were made to me and the saleswoman was straight forward in telling me that.

if you retiled the mold would only grow again on new sheetrock atleast theres less with an acrylic system as there is no grout. use you your own research...technicians can only inform you of what their product can do for you.


Wow, mold can make the hole family sick...and cause long time illness. Has anyone in your family been chronically sick since you used Bath Fitter?


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