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The salesmen will tell you anything he can to make the sale. He might promise discount,extra work,free accessories just to name a few.Jobs are priced differently from person to person.If they think you might be a sucker you will be taken advantage of. Its funny how elderly people with discounts and coupons end up being charged more the average.

The salesmen also misrepresents the product and how it is installed.


Although installers are said to have been "trained"

and certified by bath fitter most are NOT. In fact most have no contracting experience. They have had enough in house training to do the job and that's it. $3000-5000 to have a *** in your house?

This is fact as I know installers for the company.


Because of the lack of training many products are installed wrong. Walls come away, tubs fill with water between old and new,ceilings fall down, caulking splits, accessories fall off, shower bars fall down. Plumbing fixtures are not aligned with drain.

Walls and tubs that have not been measured right are installed anyway. Existing damage is not always repaired right. only the minimum amount of drywall is taken down even if mold exists behind the wall. soft movable tiles from water damage are often just screwed to the wall and covered up leaving MOLD and MILDEW in your walls!!!

remember its a "redressing" not a renovation.

all you old *** is still there its just hidden now.


This is were it sounds great. 25 yr warranty.

now try and get them to come take care of the problem. The office is rude and hard to deal with.

Problems take weeks to MONTHS to be fixed

and lots of times just happen again.

In most cases they try to blame the customer for the problem, as if it was something they did wrong. Although its free to have your caulking re-done if it gets mildew they usually try and charge you for it.

The ONLY way to get some action is to file a complaint to HEAD OFFICE.

we pay good money we should get good work not crooks!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.


Sturbridge, Massachusetts, United States #672493

Purchased in 2006....Unfortunately I too have had issues, I wanted to like the product after getting the gleaming reviews from a family member who used Bathfitters. We gave it a whirl. The salesman was pushy like most are but when he started talking about our selections in the process and which parts he makes his commissions with his calculator and note pad (no pricelist), I thought extremely unprofessional. No homeowner wants to hear how they were taken for a ride. We were at the time putting an addition on the house as well as I had a new baby. Once he made his sale he proceded to go outside to the contractors working on the addition (it happened to be my step dad's company) He started to tell them what to do and question why weren't they using 2x4 framing for the exterior walls. After incessant questions, my step dad actually told him, You can't use 2x4's as there would be no place to put the insulation,we're using 2x6's.

Anyway back to the point,,, the product is not as great as I wanted it to be, I have had water between the layers 3 times; first 2 times was within 6 months of the install. 3rd time was last night's shower. The shower door track has the paint/top coating peeling, the molding surround near the walls is yellowing, the caulking is moldy although I expect that over time. We have had them come out 3 times, twice for the water between the layers, once recently about the peeling and yellowing moulding. And now I have to call them again about the water between the layers. The somewhat decent part in all of this is the orginal sales manager guy is no longer and our account was acquired by another franchise. The new guy came out told us he would replace the moulding for free, but the track was at cost along with replacing the caulking @ $75.00 an hour (no freakin way). Although he may have a new shower door track in the warehouse we can have. I couldn't really be mad at this guy but wanted to be. He was actually not arrogant like the first guy.

Unfortunately after paying $3000.00 about 6 years ago I may just have to rip the whole thing out replace it all, including tile and underneath tub. If I had done that in the first place by ripping out the old tub and tile I could have saved myself aggrevation, and $2000.00. So all in all I wouldn't do it again...ever.

Dallas, Texas, United States #642974

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Bath Fitters.There is no way Bath Fitters employees are "factory trained." We dealt with an employee who barely spoke English and clearly had no clue what he was doing when he failed to install the U-joint, which is Plumbing 101.

The company promised to install the shower in ONE day. Not only was it not installed in one day, it also was like pulling teeth to get them to admit their mistakes and fix the problems they created.

After giving them $1,000 for the initial installation, they now want an additional $2,996.They failed to deliver what they promised and they now think we owe them more money for their incompetence, rude staff, and poor service.


you are all idiots!

1. Everyone is factory trained and drug tested/background checked

2. A salesman is a salesman, they all do the same thing, it is a fact.

3. When you sign the contract you are SIGNING a legal document, you will not get your money back after 3 days it says it right there.

4. They do not have tiles, okay they have a tile-like wall, there is no grout and no seams.

5. They put up plywood and drywall, it is included in the price.

6. No silicone stays perfect forever, they don't say it doesn't mold, if you are to lazy to clean the silicone, buy an outdoor shower and shower outside. You can clean the silicone with a mix 50% bleach 50% water. It comes off.

7. If you clean your shower more than once a decade there should be no problem cleaning it, seriously.

8. The drain there is a knob on the top, you unscrew that, there is a screw directly below that, get a screwdriver and unscrew that, then you can clean out your nasty *** that is clogging it.

9. Plastic is Plastic. Acrylic is not Plastic.

10. The prices are a little pricey i give people that. But wouldn't you rather pay 4500 now and have them come out forever. Than pay 3500 now and have no one there to help you when something goes wrong?


A Satisfied Customer

to Anonymous Ansonia, Connecticut, United States #583288

All these people can't be wrong.I clean my shower and still have moldy silicone that won't clean no matter how much I clean it with bleach.

I would never use or recommend bathfitter again. I just tell people don't. They don't honor their product.

Only good companies do.They're money grubbers.


these dishonest people did a job for my aunt and not only made a mess they pulled a switch on the materials.they switched cheaper tiles and said the tiles they ordered were no longer in stock.

they will be filing a complaint with the bbb and attorney generals office.

all they had to do is the job they promised, when my aunt complained the receptionist started yelling at one should ever do business with these thieves.


COMPLAINT about Bath Fitter, Lenexa, KS.Salesman, named John, was very rude when we decided not to buy a new tub from his company.

He was misinformed (or lied) several times during his lengthy sales presentation. My wife has a terminal illness and he had the AUDACITY to ask what it was by blurting out "CANCER" as we finally convinced him to leave. The original price quote was around $4300 but when we balked, he said he could reduce it to $4000. Then we said we weren't interested, the price suddenly was reduced by $1000.

His whole approach was the "HARD SALE". We knew exactly what we wanted before he even came, but he insisted in wasting our time by going through his entire spiel using irrelevent facts and figures. He never showed us a detailed price list for each item on what we wanted.

He did all his figuring in an old spiral notebook with a calculator.He did not leave any paperwork of the prices he quoted and said it was now or never to buy - if true, a very BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!


A very personable, professional salesperson came to our home and gave us a reasonable price to do a tub/shower conversion to full shower only.The following week the technician came out and did the job, breaking out the old 1950's tub, stripping out the old tile and sheet rock down to the studs, replacing all the ole plumbing in the wall and floor, putting in wall insulation and proper floor under-layment, then installing the beautiful new walk-in, seamless shower with domed ceiling, shelving, seat, and glass shower doors.

I love it! It is beautiful, easy to clean, and flawless.

We called the company with some questions and a minor adjustment, and they sent someone out to take care of everything.

We recently called back to have our second bath done, but our salesman had left the company and they refused to give me contact information, so I'm not sure I want to continue to deal with them.However, the reviews on Re-Bath are so bad, that I may let Bath Fitters estimate the second bath anyway.


I regret ever contracting Bathfitters to work on my bathroom. The initial "technician" did a shoddy job, they sent out another "tech" to correct his mess.It took several attempts to have a functional bathroom. Today 3 months later the grout in the shower stall came loose and the trimming fell off.They are a bunch off imposters.


Be very, very careful leaving anything of value when the "salesman" returns to take finished pictures, for the 2nd time, when he knows you are not in the house


If the drywall around your shower/bath needs replaced and/or the studs then that is something for a home repair contractor. Do you really expect someone who was trained to glue an acrylic replacement over your tub to come into your house and start doing home improvements. You're the reason that other countries hate America, you want something for nothing.


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