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Glen and Brian Cotton

Bath Fitter is a Canadian Company

They have a slick marketing program but the product falls short of other tubliner companies. Most of the time however the installer either makes or breaks the job depending on his skill level and work ethics.

Bathtub liners have been around since the mid 70's and actually do a great job of updating your bathroom with a minimum of down time. I have seen Tubliners that are 20 years old and look brand new, and I've seen tubliners that are one year old and are discusting. Even when you redo a bathroom with a tubliner, they have to be cleaned and maintained just like anything in life.

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I don't know who Glen and Brian Cotton are but that kid Andrew is a cocain addict.


I have had Bath Fitter shower room since Sep of 2009, I was happy with most of it except the problem with Mold, the way they did cauling has caused mold. I hope they can find way to fix it, otherwise this is a bad investment to me.


This is very simple, Bath Fitter does a quick cover up, it means they put a plastic cover that they call "acrylic" on top of what you have now, now Lets think about this, would you put a clean diaper on top of a dirty one on your baby? I hope not if you would than go ahead and call bath fitter, would you put on a clean underware on top of a dirty one?

I hope not if you do then you are just a pig!

now would you put a plastic cover on top of your existing tub and walls????? Think about it.


At some point, someone bright in the company will realize the company is losing far more money because of costly mistakes, poor workmanship, and poor reputation than if they were to just run the company based on good business practices, like integrity.


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