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The concept of a one-day bath remodel is nothing more than an ingénues scheme to lure the unsuspecting into the purchase of not a new bathroom, but a painless remodeling job.

They promise a one-day job, no dust, they sell the promise of a lifetime warranty and a painless experience; they sell convenience at a very high price.

They have taken the art of selling pleasure to a whole new level.

They take full advantage of the ignorance and trust of people.

"Acrylic", "mildew resistant" and licensed plumbers are terms commonly used repeatedly during a sales presentation, all of it to wow us and prepare us for an outrageous cost at the end of the presentation, a very well rehearsed and premeditated sales pitch by nothing more than a salesman.

At the end, when all the dust settles and the smoke clears, your left with nothing more than a thin and easily scratched plastic cover on top of what once was a bathroom that needed replacement.

The concept of a new bathroom over the existing one mimics the idea of placing a new clean bandage over an old one, or maybe double bagging your trash.

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Not sure why the nasty retorts above to a customer giving an objective complaint, especially since that complaint mirrors a myriad of similar complaints that others have with this product. I guess the level of vitriol in the replies indicates the level of truth existent in the original comments. That's what I take out of it.


Virginia called you uneducated and can't even spell


Your "Complaint" is another typical *** remark for someone looking for something and pay nothing.And who did you think would visit your house?

The Pope? God forbid he was a salesman who wanted to earn your business. Your one of those dimwits who wants a whole new bathroom in a day or two for $500.00 and NOONE is allowed to make a profit. Stop wasting people's time, use your duck tape and do it yourself.

The Bathfitter product says a REMODEL and you even tyed it in your idiotic complaint NOT a whole new bathroom!!Let's recap: The SALESMAN told you they use acryllic: TRUE (oh and just because you put a word in quotations doesn't make it a lie) it is mold-resistant:TRUE and they use licensed plumbers:TRUE!You are the perfect example of *** American consumers who waste everyone's time and think they are smarter than everyone else when they are actually brainless twits.


To "satisfied Customer in Virginia,

Am sorry if you feel that I am uneducated, I will definitely inform my professors at The university of Miami that they did a horrible job teaching for all those years.

But please do some basic research before you post your comments, you see, acrylic is plastic, is just manufactured differently. Ignorance is a double edge sword and it was to your disadvantage this time.

Alto Pass, Illinois, United States #291328

We hired Bath Fitter to take out the tub and put in a shower at the cost of $4500.In the contract they built a wall and I had about 20" for a closet.

The contract called for putting up sheet rock. When I came home, the sheet rock was cut crooked,it did not meet the ceiling and not joined at the seams. I called and was told that this is all they could do and I could put in crown molding! My husband spoke with the manager and then they came back and mudded and taped the sheet rock.

I called today to see if they were going to return and sand and the manager said no they were finished. This job was started on May 16 and today is 5/27 and I will have to get another person to sand which of course, I will have to pay for. Sales person said it would be a one day job!!

Never use them again nor recommend them.Workers are great but Tommy, manager makes the entire business seem lilke a scam.


Sorry one more thing I would like to add.

I was called out on a service at one time to cut out "silicone due to mold". The job was 3yrs old in a bathroom with no ventilation. It was obvious the bath had never been cleaned. It was covered in mold from top to bottom, absolutly discusting.

I cut out the silicone wiped down the walls and applied new silicone. If mold is left on the silicone and not cleaned off it will eat through the moldicide and stain the silicone. On the walls mold DOES wipe straight off.

It took me 2 hrs and the job looked like brand new.


First off I do work for bath fitter.I actually installed these systems for 5 yrs which adds up to over 1000 jobs completed.

In that time I only had 2 jobs that were set for one day turn into 2 days. Reason for that was because I was not going to cover up any mold, rot, termite damage etc. When you get into restoring a bath system nobody rely knows whats in behind the walls till you open them up. I have seen bathfitter systems that are 10 years old, still looking like brand new and have never had any problems.

Funny that because I have replaced Lowes best product on several occations. Reason: fading, of coarse and gee it actually it was more expensive to have installed, so the customers told me. Like any product out there on the market today, from time to time there are issues. Bathfitters life time warranty is possibly one of the best I have ever seen.

Here are some examples. the fixture is covered if the cartridge (washers) ware out they replace it free. To buy the fixture yourself you would only have a 5yr warranty then have to pay someone to replace it.

Actually that is general wear and tear.

If anything goes wrong with the system bathfitter WILL fix it.

I think people need to do more research into positive things than always listening to negitive.


I'm sorry you are so un educated.Bath fitter will cover up your tub if its structurlel sound or they replace it.

They use acrylic not plastic hence motorscycle its durable and yes it exspesive you pay for what you get and they are the best. Lifetime warranty, I've seen my salesman 5 times over the past 8 mos they care and we love it. You probably didn't have the money.

Grow up greta company.Roanoke VA.


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