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Hi, Thank you for reaching out about this. In order for Bath Fitter to address any issues, we will need to be in contact with the actual homeowner. If you can, please encourage the homeowner to contact our corporate customer care team at Thanks again.
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Barrie bathfitters did a complete install including shower / bath faucet assy. In one of the pictures you can see the water spraying out from the lower valve body housing they installed.

They also installed the valve upside down / hot to right and cold to left plus scratched the tub.

Bathfitters Barrie refuses to correct their workmanship or take any responsibility which resulted in saturated wall, mold, ceiling below leaking valve housing damage, carpet destroyed and possible other hidden damages that may be discovered once the wall is opened up even more. It appears the meaning of warranty / guarantee means nothing / holds no water to Barrie Bathfitters

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Pay for all damages or fix / correct all defects and damage to pre damaged or better condition.

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Quick Comment; whoever did the sweat job with the plumbing I must honestly say he wouldn't even rank in my book as a beginner. There are individuals who are not licensed but in any event do quality work. I am not familiar with Bath Fitters per say as a company but from what I can see it certainly leaves a lot to be desired.Get a real plumber in and clean up the mess.

If you paid for this, try and get a refund.


to TRIARN #997601

I totally agree but problem is Barrie Bathfitters are not taking any responsibility for their workmanship or offering any refund for the disaster it caused to the entire house. Strange their web site states limited lifetime guarantee but does not specify on what exactly. Guess they decide whatever it covers in their favour on each job they are already paid in full for.


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