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I'm not going to go into details, I'm sure you have seen the thousands of complaints and bad reviews about this company, I was a branch manager for them and I can assure you that a vast majority of the complaints are TRUE!

I can also assure you that the positive comments or so called "satisfied customers" are in reality a small group of Bath Fitter employees designated to surf thru websites such as this one to try and defend the company and their lousy work.

My question is, how bad does a company have to be in order to hire individuals to defend their bad work?

Why not do the job right the first time, find a product you can stand behind, and offer great customer service.

And by the way I don't do Bath remodeling so don't think I am trying to steer customers in my direction, I'm just trying to save a couple of people from making a mistake and getting their bath remodeled by this lousy company!


If you are looking for a job, and yes I do know the economy is bad, PLEASE, PLEASE look somewhere else, once again I wont get into details, you do not want to work for a small and unstable company where rules and regulations are changed on a daily basis and is never a change to benefit the employee.

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I think that this is completely bogus. I have never had a problem with Bath Fitter, and a friend of mine is one of the office people there.

Second, If you were the branch manager don't you think that a lot of the reviews on here are YOUR problem? Your the manager, you have the final say in anything that happens. If something goes wrong your the one the employee has to talk to to try to fix it, same goes with any company. If you hire a lousy installer your going to get a lousy job completed. That is on you, which is probably the reason why you no longer work there.

Third, By the looks of things this isn't a small company this seems to be a huge country wide company.


get the word out this is a horrible co and a horrible idea --- covering old water damaged moldy walls with plastic --- horrible idea horrible co




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