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Eads, Tennessee
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I made an appointment with Bathfitter to look at having my hall bathtub changed to a shower for my mother in law. The guy came out and he was very high pressure and got mad because my wife wasn't at the appointment!

All he did was bash Rebath and talked about how great Bathfitter is. He said that Rebath was not an American company and that Bathfitter is. Well little did he know, I had already researched that. He is a LIAR!

He said Bathfitter has a manufacturing facility somewhere in TN, but the catch is that they are a CANADIAN owned company so the money that is spent with them goes to CANADA! Not the USA. Rebath is a USA owned company! Their manufacturing facility is in Arizona.

You can see for yourselves on each website. After I let him dig his own grave and he gave me a price of $5200. I called Rebath and the gentleman that came out did not say one negative thing about Bathfitter. He told me about the company which backed up what I already had researched.

He was very detailed in explaining everything to me. He gave me a price of $5800.

Rebath is more expensive but well worth it. The old saying goes "cheaper is not always better" is true!

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We at BATH FITTER were concerned to read your complaint. We would like to apologize for the the way that the estimators who came to your home made you feel. We are actively working to address this issue and to improve the level of service we provide our customers. The information and feedback you voiced will certainly help us pinpoint where we can improve in this area.

BATH FITTER would like to reassure the public that our commitment to the quality of our products and services is always a priority. Our 28 successful years in business and tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have enjoyed BATH FITTER installations at more than 220 locations testify to these facts.

We sincerely hope that that you will have no further cause for any complaint in relation to our service.


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