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From my experience, the bathtub seems to be good product when properly installed. But. the wall and ceiling product can become detached from the wall. The problem is that Bath Fitter may not stand behind their warranty. I'd recommend you check their references carefully, or choose another company.

My story:

Five years ago Bath Fitter (Coquitlam) installed a bathtub cover, wall and ceiling panel in my bathroom. Within two years the ceiling and wall panels became unglued. I did not pursue the matter because I thought it was my fault because I did the finishing of the walls and ceiling beneath. Just before the warranty expired however I asked Bath Fitter to evaluate the problem.

After several "no-shows" by the serviceman, the problem was diagnosed by a Bath Fitter technician as faulty measurement and installation. Two appointments to remedy the situation were cancelled on short notice by the company. That was the last I heard from the company. They will not accept my calls asking for a new appointment.I emailed them twice and have received no reply.

Buyer Beware.

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Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I had the bath tub to shower conversion and had many problems eg did not get permit and I had to call City Offices and they contacted them and required permit.Had to call in a plumber and pay him to repair problems with the fixtures.

Called today to ask them to send a man out to repair cracked caulk. Was told there is no warranty and there would be a service charge. I said I have a letter in writing from the Manager confirming.

They said they would call me back next week.I doubt if I will ever hear from them again.


These guys are awful!! About 4 years ago, I bought my Grandfather's house after he passed away. It has a tub initially installed by Bath Fitter. The caulking around the tub and ceiling has broken and is supposed to be under a lifetime warranty. I called them and scheduled service for 3-29-11.

I called them the day before the service to make sure we were still on and they told me that the service had actually been scheduled for the day I was calling (3-28-11). I assumed I was wrong, even though my father had it on his calender as 3-29-11 also. I know that we were both right, but no biggie, they rescheduled for the next day.

On the next day, which I took off from work to be there, at 12:30 pm about 3 hours after they were supposed to arrive, I called them and they had to have an "emergency meeting" and were coming that afternoon from 2:00 - 5:00 pm. I waited and waited in my living room right next to my opened front door. Never heard a knock on the door, never got a phone call.

I called them back at 5:30 pm only to be told that the tech said he came to my home and knocked on my door. He didn't get an answer and said he "heard loud music". Again, the front door was open and I was sitting next to it. I had no music on, only the tv. On top of that, they didn't call me on the number I provided them. They called my father's phone number. I specifically told them to call ME at MY NUMBER!! *** liars!

Of course, they rescheduled for...

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Not surprised. I had them quote on a handicapped bathroom, and they would only honour the warranty if all the hardware that went onto the walls such as handicapped grab bars was their own and installed by them (overpriced). They did not believe the consumer can plug a hole with sealant without "compromising" the ENTIRE wall. (So a hole in one end of the shower enclosure would of course explain why they should not honour their warranty on ANY part of it I guess.)

I laughed the guy out of the house and installed a beautiful, real tile handicapped bathroom for a quarter of the cost myself.

Everyone should remember that the final job depends on the integrity of what is underneath, so the best is to go back to your studs and start over with quality materials and good backer board. Then you don't need their quickie walls and your job will last for a long time.

Sorry you got caught.


Take the company to small claims court, 3 to 5 thousand is a lot of money and to let this company get away with this kind of *** is not right.


I would strong recommend not using their product.I have seen first hand how this company operates and the problems are widespread throughout locations, not just one branch.

Do research online and you will find dozens of bad experiences.Not worth the hassle.


Anyone have any kind of problems with the store in Skokie, IL.Looking to have them install a bathtub liner. Would appreciate any comments. Thank you


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