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Sayre, Pennsylvania
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The commerial looked good on t.v. long ago the crew that came here must of been fresh out of junior high school, I myself gad to cut the floor out because they were so confused, ripped the floor putting in the tub so I used the kitchen floor they destroyed that to....another reason why they just walked out on me, (truth hurts) I was so dissatisfied with the job I called the office.

Over a year later I speek to tim and over frustration from the receptionist telling me mold on cocking grows from a dirty house like she's the one to judge, I ask for two minutes of his time~ nope not a chance he comes here with his side kick instead of quality greeting walks in with the attitude or maybe this is not there typical rich mansion. But it is my hoMe And walked out on me because they were not happy with the truth.... I payed a lot of money for this job my nefews could have done better and like the red lobster commercial you'll never get a plate of food that looks like it does on the tv screen these guys come in with no smile and definite incompantancy, I explain a few frustrations and they could not handle the truth , accuse me that that's not there shower rode & they tell me to get a contstruction crew here to fix the wall there crew pushed OUT moons ago and walked out of my house.... what a way to start my 40th birthday I ran out asking them for a piece of mind and they were not in to it and left.

I have pictures for hard working people to show you what you get, shower rod rusts. Fixtures are as cheep as you get and count on black mold from there choice of cocking.

I don't know if dollar genera l sells this stuff but its not worth the money go else where.. trust me!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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