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Thanks for sharing your feedback. Our acrylic tub liners are designed to be durable, light-weight and long lasting. We stand by our life-time warranty with our products. We hope you were able to find a great solution for your bath. If you have any further questions about our products, please feel free to contact our customer service team at

For anyone considering a liner for your tub: I got 5 quotes, 2 from replacements with real materials and 3 from acrylic liners like Rebath and Bath Fitters.

My advice: Get an americast tub with swanstone surround. It's the same money, or less, and it's real. It's solid. It removes your old tub/surround and replaces it. You find out what kind of trouble you may have behind the walls and you get that fixed.

Ok. The one drawback is that it's 3 day's work. But, often, the liners take more than one day, and often they drag on for weeks, with all their problems.

Since the prices came out pretty much the same, don't risk all the problems that come with liners. My plumber makes a good living ripping out those and replacing them, because they leak and fall apart. They're ***. Don't fall for the clever sales pitch. All 3 acrylic guys told me how bad the other 2 were. I decided to believe them and get the real thing, and I love it.

Avoid all liners. Period.

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I have worked for re-bath and bathfitters.Bathfitters laid me off and trying to hire me back at lower wages.

Neither here or there. I would rather install and have a replacement tub/shower than a liner anyday. If selling house and need tub work liner is cheapest. I have 8yrs exp in acrylic baths and the install has be done correctly or there will be problems.

11/2 to 2 days are normal. Plumbing is noted as a repair and not a new install so no license is required in some states/cities codes. But again its the exp of the installer.

I loved working and materials of ReBath.Think i say no to bathfitter.


We are on our third tub liner in less than 14 years.Each liner, regardless of brand, accumulates water between the liner and original tub.

Our fear is that the tub will rust through, seep into our floor joists, cause mold and eventually leak into our room below. All the recaulking and replacement of tile or grout has proved to be useless.

What a nightmare!We are hoping to salvage the tub in some way but what we will find under the liner may end up being a nightmare.


I know for a fact that rebath will replace your old bath tub and not just cover it up.They (at least in my town) are professional and do not cover up problems behind the walls.

We had our tub replaced and our walls installed with new material behind the walls down to the studs. Very nice!

And life time guarantee.Try that with Chuck in the Truck remodeling.


bathfitter warranties liners as long as you own the home...try calling the two guys in a pick up truck when you tub has an issue.


Bathfitter did a bad job and they had to replace my first cracked liner, now my second one has water trapped in it.Bathfitter warrantee 1yr, tub got trapped water after 2 yrs.

In one of my coversations with the manager he said "If we told evryone what could possibly go wrong we would never sell anything".Stay away I wish I had.


Always get more than one estimate!!!!

Ask for references!!!!

Don't go with a company who is spending an arm and a leg for adds on tv.

Look for tub liners or bathtub liners in your area on google.

I had bathfitter come to my house, i didn't like the salesman and the price was out of this world.I looked for bathtub liners mississauga ob google and found a company who is doing the same thing for less. I have saved almost $600. They have even ask me if i wanted references.


Bath fitter did a great job for me. Sounds like this guy is a plumber.


i just want to thank you people for posting the information you have on these Bathfitters. I was scheduled for next tuesday for the "in home estimate" and have since now cancelled the appointment and will be looking for a plumber in this area to replace instead of being thrown out with the bathwater by bathfitters.


Based on my experience and the complaints here, it would seem that the Bath Fitter warranty must be useless. They don't even follow up on their improper installs. And let's not forget the caveats they add in their warranty and the list of products the buyer must use or the warranty is voided.


I have a Rebath franchise for years and those liners they are selling for $1600 to $2000 only cost us $250. There is huge profit involved in the business and you dont have to hire real plumbers to do the work.


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